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Home Theatre FAQ

What Sound System do I need ?

Firstly you will need a 6 channel amplifier more commonly know as 5.1 Receiver . This enables you, when using a surround sound encoded DVD, to hear front left , right , centre and surround left and right signals. It is also gives you a LFE channel called a sub woofer for low frequency effects such as car crashes and explosions. Of course you will need a DVD player which is capable of playing back multi channel surround.

What Screen do I require ?

For the best home theatre experience it is recommended that people think widescreen. That may be in the form of a CRT traditional TV , Plasma , LCD or Projector / Screen combination. There are many different brands & grades of screen available & research through both the internet & visiting a retail store will assist you.

What Cable will I need ?

This will depend firstly on the actual components you have chosen & what connections they have on them. Some components will often feature 2 or more video connection options & sound connection will also be available in a variety of options on components. Essentially, you will need to determine exactly what components are to be connected in your system. In addition, you will also wish to consider the grade of cable you would like to use. It is possible to spend anywhere from below $1 per metre of cable to over $55 per metre & brand-name can often add a large overhead to the cost. While some cable manufacturers will sell cable with extremely thick insulation, making it very stiff to route into cabinets etc..., we believe that cables must have a reasonable flexibility to ensure that cables will not damage component connectors when pushed into a component.

How do I install my home theatre ?

Most people thinking of home theatre will want a professional installation, particularly if options such as hidden cabling or roof mounting of projectors are on the agenda. Some high-end home theatre amplifiers have in the vicinity of 100 connectors on them, making them very difficult to understand for the layman. If you do decide that you want to do a self installation, you will need a reasonable grasp on cable termination & stripping, soldering & the like, as well as at least some knowledge of wall mounting etc...

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