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Reviews placed here are based on our experiences with the units described. Faults & advantages of the various models are listed as we have encountered them.

NEC NHD-1000

Probably one of our favoured high definition models released thus far, the NEC NHD-1000 has pretty much all we have been looking for in a set top box, with a couple of minor issues, but for the most part, an excellent unit.

The back panel is nicely laid out, as with just about all models on the market, digital audio provided in both optical & coax, while video is provided in component, S-Video, RGB & Composite, though no DVI output, which is becoming a more common form of connection.

Auto-scanning is about on par with other models around & signal hold seems marginally better in terms of performance when compared with other high definition set top boxes, as evidenced by at least 2 installations where we have seen very low signal levels & the NHD-1000 holding a stable picture despite this low level.

Probably the only real gripe here is the rather flimsy front flip down plastic cover, though this is likely not to be an issue for most, as all controls inside the cover are provided within the remote. Speakling of the remote, it's about as expected for most models, nice feel & response, with the menus etc... easy to navigate.

The Verdict: The NHD-1000 is one of the better high definition models around & the quality is what you'd expect from a major brand manufacturer like NEC. The minor issue of the front cover 7s really irrelevant in terms of the performance of the unit, though the lack of DVI connection may be an issue for some people. This is pretty much all counteracted by the level of signal hold of the model, which in the end is the major factor for most people. We have yet to see any major issues in reliability in these & can recommend them as a good choice.

IT & AV Services rating - 92%

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