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Reviews placed here are based on our experiences with the units described. Faults & advantages of the various models are listed as we have encountered them.

Samsung DTB-D700F Digital Set Top Box

We're pretty impressed with the majority of Samsung's products & for the most part, that remains with this unit from Samsung, which is a digital set top box with a DVD player integrated into the one unit, which saves on cabinet space should you not already have a DVD player in your system.

There are a couple of unusual things abut this unit, with the only real downside being a failure on all units in our installation area to lock in channel 10 during an auto-scan & having to fiddle with settings to pull it in. there seems to be no ryhme nor reason to this either, as the frequency for locking has been a little different on a couple of units, so there is something slightly off. On the other hand, once channel 10 was located, there was no problem receiving it & this is only during the initial installation, so it's problem you may strike only once.

A great feature of this unit is the ability to have either composite or component video output simultaneously, with no switching, either manually or remotely required. The composite display seems a little better than average, but perhaps this was due to the majority of these units being installed with high quality plasma displays, which tend to flatter composite video if there is a decent unit driving it.

Switching between DVD & set top box mode involves only pressing a single button, which siwtches the unit into DVD mode & returning to STB mode is simply a press of the same button. Either component output or composite is used for both STB mode or DVD mode, as mentioned, saving quite some effort in switching manually or via the remote, taking one more hassle out of your hands.

The Verdict: A nice set top box from Samsung. Performance & installation is as slick as the other STB Samsung currently have on the market. About the only negative for us has been the issue with channel 10 not being locked in during auto-scan, though that issue seems related only to our local area & is easily resolved by a manual tweak & scan. Where signals from Sydney or Newcastle are locked in, there have been no problems. The integrated nature of this model with a DVD player certainly saves on equipment real estate, so all up, w're quite happy with this unit in general.

IT & AV Services rating - 89%

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