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This area of the site is undergoing a revamp at the moment, but we will be adding a complete section on Digital TV & other AV information shortly.

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Set Top Box Reviews:

Thomson DTI352TH


Nextwave TDR3100

Teac DVB300


Thomson DTI500AU

Thomson DTR6000AU

Samsung DTB-9401F

Thomson DTI1500HD

Toshiba HD-S23A

Samsung DTB-D700F

Signalmax SDT4100


NEC NHD-1000

Kaon KTF-200S

Sony DSTHD100

Pioneer SH-DT500

Nextwave THD-5000

Topfield TF4000T

Digital Set top Boxes

Following installations & site surveys of probably more than 1,000 differing installations, we are now in a position to offer advice on the suitability of different brands & setups for your particular situation.

Please note that all prices include GST & are for the unit only - if you require freight, the usual cost is $15-$20 inc GST, sent Express Post, unless you can arrange pickup from our offices. We currently accept payment via cheque or direct deposit - your order is shipped as soon as we have confirmed that payment has been completed.

Thomson DTI500AU

IT & AV Services price $200.00 inc GST

The unit which replaces the DTI352TH is a much smaller unit, featuring digital coax sound output, a composite video out, captioning & vastly improved speed of setup. The DTI500AU is set to be another in the long line of Thomson products, which have been of consistently high quality at reasonable pricing. Auto-tune & setup, full-function remote control & extra features such as parental locking add some welcome extras to these units, especially the welcome speedier tuning.

Thomson DTI1500HD

IT & AV Services price $749.00 inc GST

At last a new High Definition model from the manufacturer who brought us the first Set Top Box to the Australian market. This model has a wide range of video output options to cater for the discerning owner, with composite & S-Video, as well as a pair of component video outputs for high definition or standard definition content, plus high definition VGA output, which will give stunning image display on compatible screens. Audio is catered for with both analogue stereo & digital coax as well as optical audio. Included accessories are component video cables & audio cables.

Nextwave THD-5000

IT & AV Services price $580.00 inc GST

From the people who brought us the TDR3100, one of the more highly regarded set top boxes comes this high definition unit, a full-width slimline style component providing S-video, composite, RGB & component video. One of the more unique features on this set top box is a secondary video output in composte, which allows for a VCR to record one channel while watching another. A great blue display on the front & overall neat design, we'd say this is another excellent product. Cables provided include component & composite AV.

Signalmax SDT4100

IT & AV Services price $185.00 inc GST

The Signalmax brand is a cousin to the Nextwave, so you know the quality will be there. The SDT4100 is the first entry of this brand & it's a cracker in terms of signal hold, no doubt why the brand name was chosen. We've found these excellent in service, especially in terms of signal hold. With composite & S-Video, you can get decent quality video & there's also coax & digital audio, combined with a decent front panel display. An excellent unit combined with both budget range price & good signal holding capabilities make this a good choice for fringe reception areas.

Nextwave TDR-3100

IT & AV Service price $299.00 inc GST

The Nextwave brand is a relatively new unit on the Australian market - featuring digital audio-output in both Dolby or MPEG, RCA style composite video output & SCART connector for both composite & RGB output, as well as an S-Video mini-DIN connector. As with many of the current crop of set top boxes, the 3100 is software upgradeable through an RS-232 port. Good stable digital pictures, teletext & the like, plus a fast auto-scan make the TDR-3100 an excellent unit we can recommend. We'd term this a mini-component sized set top box, which will allow installation into cramped spaces where other equipment has taken the lion's share of cabinet space.

Thomson DTR6000AU

IT & AV Services Price $650.00 inc GST

One of the grwoing number of set top boxes to feature an internal hard drive for instant or timer recording, similar to a VCR, the DTR6000AU carries the feature set that people have come to expect from Thomson. This model allows the viewer to watch a different stream from the same service they are recording, as well as still-frame capture & output to a PC. The internal hard drive is 40GB, allowing for capture of around 25 hours, according to Thomson. Included accessories are AV cable, plus a 1.2m SCART cable.

Digitalview DSD103

IT & AV Services price $299.00 inc GST

Another new unit, the DSD-103 follows on from a couple of good units of other brnads in featuring an inbuilt RF modulator, a very nice feature allowing use on older TVs or on setups which already have all AV inputs filled. Dual RCA composite video for connection to 2 devices (TV & VCR etc..., plus S-Video mini-DIN are all becoming the standard feature on set top boxes. Currently one of the few set top boxes availabe in black, the DSD-103 may also be available shortly in silver. Audio is via analogue stereo 16-bit, with an RS-232 port for software upgrades. A more conventional front panel with display may suit some applications better than the more exotic look of some current set top boxes.

Samsung DTB-9401F Digital Set Top Box

IT & AV Services price $349.00 inc GST

A nice little unit this one, with quite possibly the fastest channel changing of any set top box on the market. The unit seems to pull in & hold signal in relatively noisy signal areas without any problems, though we have yet to test any in very low signal strength situations. We're happy to recommend this unit. The size is relatively small, using a mini-form factor similar in size to the Nextwave TDR3100, though with a more squared off front facia.

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