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Reviews placed here are based on our experiences with the units described. Faults & advantages of the various models are listed as we have encountered them.

Topfield TF4000T

As a manufacturer, Topfield have been very well regarded of by most people involved in the digital TV market. Their products are fairly reliable & the appearance is always quite good.

This standard definition model has performed well in all instances we have installed it. with good signal hold in almost all situations except the most dire where the reception is almost bordering on non-existent.

The front panel is almost minimalist in it's look, but for operating it, this matters little as it's all done via the remote. The initial scan is fairly quick, around the 2 minute mark on most occasions & it grabs all available services unless there is some transmission issue at work, in which case that's hardly the fault of the unit.

The back panel is well laid out, with a SCART connector providing for composite, S-video RGB & component, while there's also a set of standard composite AV connectors. Digital audio is provided with an optical connector.

The remote has a good feel & the unit is fairly easy to set up, with the whole feel reminding me more of some of the older style models around.

One feature which can be handy is the RF modulator, which is incorporated, though in transmission areas with a lot of channels already allocated, finding a clear spot to set it to.

The Verdict - We have seen very little trouble with any of the Topfield products we've come across & the TF4000T is a good example of that. The ability to have multiple outputs on the SCART connector which are remote switchable is excellent & the accompaniment of a second set of RCA connectors for a VCR connection is another bonus. About the only negative here is the narrow size, which is neither full-width, nor one of the smallest units like the Thomson DTI500AU or the Panasonic TU-CT20A, both of which can be moved into extremely small areas. This generally doesn't prove a problem, but it's something that potential buyers need to be aware of. Overall, we'd recommend this unit as a good buy, pending what you can pick it up for price-wise.

IT & AV Services rating - 87%

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